I May be Mini but I Pack a Punch!

The Mini that packs a punch!

My kiddo loves breakfast and I am always looking for different ideas in the kitchen because after all who wants to have the same old same old week after week.  I am sure I am the only one in the morning running in gunning as my feet hit the floor.  Who has time to slowly wake up and stretch in my house, oh wait that might be dad.  lol.   Let's not forget the chaos of grabbing the lost backpack, forgetting socks and the lost lunch all in a matter of seconds, I need something easy for breakfast, that does not involve creating more chaos if you feel me.  

I came across the mini waffle maker.  This was definitely a popular buy during the holidays but I am not one to jump on the craze right away. I guess your can say I am like a diesel engine, I have to get warmed up to the idea.  Finally, I broke down and bought the mini waffle maker this week from my local Target.  

This is a perfect addition, I love it!  The size is perfect, literally the size of the palm of my hand.  I can make anything in about four to six minutes and so easy to use.

To think, I have been spending so much money on eggo waffles in a box.  Well, this momma says no more.   I can make them ahead of time and freeze them or just have them hot and ready in seconds.  

As I have started playing around with the mini waffle maker, I realized I can make so much more than a traditional waffle.

  • My family loves red lobster rolls, You guessed it I can make mini waffles with that mix!! you can buy the box at a local Costco.  Paring it with 2-3 jumbo shrimp and homemade sauce on top can be a perfect dinner idea
  • Using bisquick I can make a Sweet Waffle looking biscuits and chicken topped with a maple gravy 
  • Potato Waffles with Meatloaf with some yummy gravy
  • Cornbread waffle- and chili
  • Breakfast: french toast waffle, keto waffle with egg and cheese, hashbrown waffle topped with an egg
  • Lunch: grilled cheese, waffle sandwich, waffle made with garbanzo beans, Pizza 
  • Dessert: apple pie, brownie, cookie sandwich, smores biscuits












The upside of the mini waffle maker is

  1. Perfect portion size
  2. Quick and easy to use:
  3. Plug in and it turns on----but you MUST remember to unplug it to turn it off
  4. Spray and ready to use 4-6 minutes you have a waffle
  5. Price is affordable: $9.99
  6. Perfect for my size family (3 family members)
  7. Kids can use it (my son is 11 not sure what age is good but my 11 year can)
  8. Can make Breakfast, Lunch, Dinners and Snacks (use cinnamon biscuits in can... put it right on the waffle iron and close

    I only found a few downsides

    1. No latch
    2. May need to buy 2 if you have a family more than 2-3....so it doesn't take so long to make each individual one

    This is perfect kitchen gadget to bring some umph to your meals in a fun way.  Not just for your family but if you invite guests or have a party. The mini waffle maker just may be the talk of the night with amazing waffle appetizers using meatballs for example.

    We have enjoyed using how being mini can pack a punch.  



    The last Fashion Find I wanted to share are these Salt and Pepper jars:

    Chip and Joanna did it again, is all I can say. 

    This is seriously one of my favorite things in the kitchen which seems silly because its just salt and pepper jars. 

    I am just a real down to earth kinda girl from up north, and went to college in the south so I guess you can say it's the simple things in life that makes a girl happy :)

    Sorry for the non-professional pictures. This is proof that I really use it..... right?  Please feel free to jump on targets site and look at how amazing there pictures are and while you're there add these to your basket for only $5.99 ech. What a great price....so nothing that will hurt the bank.  

    My jars always site on the stove.  I still use my other salt and pepper shakers for guest because let's be honest, who wants the guests putting there dirty fingers in your salt and pepper, ummm not me.  lol Now the question is why do you need these. Well because they are perfect for cooking. I also love that it really can go in just about anyone's decor. 

    Now I must share a story under the pic so if you want to read on please do if not that was it for my reviews on my fashion finds for the week :)

    Funny Story

    Last year (2019) in July my husband and I took a trip to Dallas, Texas for a church event.  We had some time to kill.  John (hubby), being a North Carolina boy has been to Texas but really more passing through or for work not really having the time to enjoy the state if you will.  

    Our first stop is food, well because I am a foodie and Texas has some seriously good food.  We ate at my favorite spot Hard 8's BBQ. If you have never been then mark this as a spot to eat.  Promise you won't be disappointed. 

    After the most important thing was done (eating if you didn't catch that) it was time to rustle up some cowboys and see what was going on in the stock yards. So off to Fort Worth, Texas to see some history. 

    Our tour was done and my Cowboy (hubby) was stoked and excited about all the things he saw and learned.  This was a good time for me to ask, so I said, hey would you like to go see some Silos?  Heck yeah, I do.  Ok, it's in Waco thats a few hour drive.  He was game.  On the drive I was asking him if he heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines.   No he said, (Rolling my Eyes) I am super offended....lol but what a great time to share about this power couple.

    We got down to Waco, Texas; show up at Magnolia Market and I say babe look at those silos this is where Chip and Joanna started and live.....this is her bakery and her merchandise thats in target is here in her store. Sharing with so much excitement.  For some reason he was not so much.....

    OMG!! you should have saw his face trying to understand what we were here for and wondering Silos?  He said: are you kidding me, you brought me all the way down here to see some grain silos?  I have seen plenty of them my whole life (his family had a farm). I asked you if you wanted to see Silos you said yes. He replied, Yeah, I thought you were talking about Missile Silos---we are in Texas....I didn't think you meant Grain silos.  Married couple problems: ROFL communication 101 

    The rest of the afternoon we walked around-- ate shopped and got some tea finishing up at the bakery.  He said, He enjoyed spending the day with me but Never again am I allowed to pick the places to go, without in depth detail.  To my defense. The entire trip to Waco I was sharing with him in-depth where we were going...LOL and I did say Silos.....smh

    Just my funny story about Chip and Joanna....My hunny doesn't feel as enthusiastic about the power couple as I do.....I will say in-line at the bakery my husband spoke to several of the men and they said they didn't know where they were going or who the couple was either.....hahahaha. 

    Well, I love you Chip and Joanna 


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    FASHION FINDS @ Target




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