Sunglasses Is Seeing and Believing


This week's Fashion Finds are at TJ MAXX.  These designer sunglass are Diff and have been one of my favorite sunglasses thus far.  I have owned a $85.00 pair for a year now which is pretty impressive if you ask me.  

Most of you know I am a mom with children and a grandma (but like to be called Lola) which basically means my life is chaotic and always on the go.  So, keeping up with a pair of designer sunglasses is hard to do.  I started out with these Diff glasses and super proud I still have them.

Diff is such an amazing company.  They truly are trying to make a difference. Paying it forward if you will.  For every pair of sunglasses bought they “provide the gift of sight to someone in need through eye exams, surgeries, glasses, medicine, and more.”

I bought two pair of Diff Atlas Aviators for $12.99.  They came with a durable case and a cleaning cloth.  These are definitely a must have and perfect Deal on the price.  






Sunglasses are a necessary accessory for many reasons.  

Of course, one reason is to kick up your personal style. Charlee James believes that your clothing makes a statement of your individuality and accessories can enhance that.  I love that there are so many options out there. 
Sunglasses are timeless with the classic, modern funky styles to really make that look pop.  The right pair of sunglasses could complete the outfit.   
Have you ever been watching your kids play at a game and the sun is rearing but later didn’t need them?  All of a sudden BAM! You pull them up on the top of your head and now they hold your hair back.

Probably the most important reason is they protect your eyes from the sun, wind, sand, UV rays, and even cancer.  Did you know around your eyes your skin is so much more sensitive so this makes us more vulnerable to the sun around our eyes.

I have linked where I purchased these from and who knows you may find many others styles for a great price ☺️ I know it’s always good to have extra specially when you’re at the beach and that wave comes and knocks them off and your struggling with thoughts of: man I forgot to leave them at my seat. 

Grr…. the struggle 😂













Gold Atlas Aviators




























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Black Atlas Aviators









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