Fashion Is About You!

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Fashion today takes on so many different facets.  It truly speaks to you and for you, whether you’re quiet and shy or rocking the life of a party.  The latest styles have a way of showing off our personality to to world.  I can’t think of a better way to feel more beautiful and confident then to express myself in an outfit.  

Over the years fashion has changed and so have I.  Knowing yourself is a big key to understanding fashion. This notion of knowing “thyself” can be hard at times, right?  I mean we often believe the lies we tell ourself, the biggest one being “I am not good enough”.

In todays world, we as women are trying to conquer it all, aren’t we?  Running the corp life, while being the perfect mom, running our kids to practice, rushing through homework, fixing dinner and finding time to be a wife to our husbands.  Knowing who we are sounds difficult and exhausting by the end of the day and we are our biggest critics. 

As a wife, a mom of 6 and a small business owner being true to you is so important.  People ask me why I love fashion?  It’s so simple: Clothing is a statement of individuality, and to look better is to feel better.  Sounds a little cliche, doesn’t it?  but it’s true and I missed that notion for years.  I wore leggings and oversized shirts everyday.  “Please note:  there is nothing wrong with leggings and oversize tops.” But Let’s be honest for a second.  When does wearing leggings and oversize tops make you feel beautiful Everyday?

I had to make a rule for myself, silly I know but leggings and oversized tops was a 2-3 times a week deal . I had to try new pieces.  It’s amazing, what happened, my self-esteem perked and I started being more confident.  It’s Funny how an outfit changes our view and out look . 

Fashion doesn’t have to be difficult and complicated.  Just Look inside YOURSELF, what makes you laugh, cry, be silly and so on.  The best way to venture in fashion is to know “thyself” and then express it in your outfit . 


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