Women usually love what they buy, yet hate two-thirds of what is in their closet – Mignon McLaughlin

Women usually love what they buy,


Women usually love what they buy, yet hate two-thirds of what is in their closet – Mignon McLaughlin

How often do we spend time shopping and find adorable looks we “have to have“, just to add it to our closets and never wear it again.  Oh’ the struggle!!  I can’t tell you how many times I have walked into my closet and felt overwhelmed or flat-out discouraged because I don’t have ANYTHING to wear.  (I know, I know, I own a boutique and I shouldn’t have that problem.  Let me tell ya sister, I do.  But not anymore.)

So many times going into our closet feels like a chore.  Dreading walking out with nothing to wear and a pile of clothes we tried on the floor.  All the while our closets are full of clothing we will never wear.  Well sister I am with you.  This is a New Year and a New closet.  Yes Ma’am I am building my closet simple, easy a clutter free.  I am moving back to the basics.  So let’s see what 2019 will bring in my closet.

The hardest thing must happen first, right?  You know what it is.   The part where you have to do a deep dive Purge!  Oh! how easy it is to type but so difficult to do, right?  I mean it is kinda funny isn’t it?  We walk out of our closet day in and day out and struggle with what to wear but we can’t get rid of it.  LOL.  Super funny to write about but its true.

Today I went through my closet and grabbed a garbage bag.  Not the pretty white kitchen bags, NOPE! I am talking about three of the big black outside trash bags.  Its time to start 2019 off right!  So I did it, I jumped in all gung-ho and started filling those bags up.  I mean anything I hadn’t worn in 2018 went in the bag and anything that didn’t fit.  To me those items were easy.  Two bags where done.  Now came the hard part.  Digging deep on items I just loved; in my mind or heart but couldn’t part from.  Let me give you an example:  I have been saving t-shirts from places I have traveled and saving them for years saying I will make a quilt out of them.  Truth is I know me enough, I won’t. So I finally let them go and into the bag they went.  Tomorrow they will be at the Salvation Army if anyone wants them.    On a real note we have our reasons why we keep some things but honestly they are just holding us back.

Truth be told, De-cluttering felt good, freeing and most important I know mentally and emotionally it was needed to free up space. But a few key elements I will need to do to not create the same habits.

  1. First one being: STOP being mean.  Yes! I am talking to you, the person reading this.  STOP IT! A movie came out this past year and my fave actress of all time was in it Julia Roberts.  The motto in the movie was Choose Kind.  Choose Kind! Choose kind words to yourself.  Your body is yours and no one elses so embrace it.  Be confident in who you and your body is.  I know at times that is easier said then done.  Find three or four things you love about your body and only focus on those and in the wise words of Julia choose kind.
  2. Re-train your brain.  Yep! I just purged out my closet. If we don’t re-train our brains, our closets will look like whats in our three garbage bags and we can’t have that.  It’s time to think like a stylist.  You may say, I don’t have any fashion in me.  That’s ok,  find out what you like.  I built a story on pinterest focusing on timeless, simple and basics pieces which I will go over in blogs to come.

To clean out that closet it truly takes a bit of tough love and No excuses and I mean No excuses.

  • An easy way to know if you should keep it, ask yourself do you look good in it and how does it feel when you wear it? But if you put it on and always take it off, it’s NOT a keeper.
  • If it’s a keeper does it have a friend.  What do I mean, well does it have something to pair with in your closet.  If it doesn’t then it needs to go.  This is such an important step.  You don’t want your closet to be miss matching and full of random items.  You want your closet to make sense.  Always have a friend to pair it with
  • Your closet includes SHOES.  I know I know most of us love shoes.  They need to be gone through.  And for the love of pete if they hurt when you wear them its time for them to go.  Fashion shouldn’t be painful.  I don’t care how much you paid for them.

Now that closet cleaning is done it is so important to plan what you’re going to add to your newly spacious closet.  I can’t say it enough Plan plan, plan.  I know in the beginning it seems like a lot of work but in the end you and your closet will appreciate it.

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