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Tabitha Lee, owner of Charlee James Boutique, believes in three life values: Faith, Family, and Fashion!

Tabitha was born in New London, Connecticut and currently resides in Tennessee.  In between, she has lived in a variety of different places, including Texas, Washington, Virginia, and Germany.  Each of these places has added depth to her understanding and appreciation of the fashion world.  A successful retail business woman for over ten years, Tabitha has run several businesses and helped them to grow substantially.  She believes it is important for women to have faith in themselves and follow their dreams.  Anything is possible with a little faith and hard work.

Her love for fashion is infused by her innate ability to use life experiences as an opportunity for personal growth. In 2014, after the death of Faith, her beloved godmother, Tabitha felt an immense loss in her life.  During the year that followed, her life began to change drastically as she took notice of her youngest son’s behavior and struggles.  He was eventually diagnosed with ADHD and Autism.  Tabitha says, “I started noticing unusual things with my son.  When he got on the bus, he would sit alone.  He never actually played with his toys, but would organize and line them up.  I left my job to focus on my son’s needs.  We had doctor appointments once or twice a week, every week, for testing and learning social skills.  I needed to be at home, helping my son through this difficult time.” 

Although she postponed her thriving business career in order to prioritize her family’s needs, Tabitha still had a dream to pursue, leading to the start of Charlee James.  Opening an online fashion boutique allows her the opportunity to work in the world she loves, but also the freedom to attend to the needs of the son she adores.

Even her store name gives a clue to Tabitha’s capacity to take the struggles in life and channel them into ambition.   “Charlee James” is inspired by several significant family members.  “Charlie”, a little girl she was never able to give birth to; “Lee”, the last name she shares with her amazing husband; and “James”, her younger brother.  She is an exceptional example of never giving up on a dream despite what life may bring, and hopes to encourage others to find the strength to do the same.  Tabitha took her passion for fashion and launched Charlee James Boutique, knowing that faith, family, and fashion can truly make dreams come true.  If she can find the courage to follow her dreams, she believes others can too!